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Founded by Monica Cea in 2022, TaLimpio provides professional janitorial cleaning services for businesses which require excellence. The name is an El Salvadoran expression which is a colloquial pronunciation of the Spanish phrase “está limpio.” The expression literally means “it is clean,” but in Mrs. Cea’s birthplace this expression has a greater significance. To be ta limpio means to be incredibly clean, and even carries a more nuanced meaning of being free from any troubles.

By choosing TaLimpio you are choosing a professional cleaning company which will make your business ta limpio!

Over a Decade of
Professional Experience

Prior to starting TaLimpio, Mrs. Cea spent 13 years in hospitality janitorial services, serving as housekeeping manager for large hotel chains including the Hilton and Hampton Resorts. During this time she developed a keen eye for detail and maintains this approach through to today.

Eduardo and Monica Cea who founded TaLimpio have been in Business for more than 20 years.
Running their paint, drywall and cleaning business Cea Company.

How We Work

All of our janitorial services start with an introductory walkthrough where we learn your business’s cleaning needs. Afterwards we develop a custom cleaning plan which allows our team to deliver exceptional results time after time.

Based on your needs, our cleaning crews can come as little as weekly or as often as every day. All TaLimpio cleaning staff have passed a background check, arrive in uniform, and deliver professional service.

Ready to experience a new level of clean?

If you are in the Greater Columbia area and are in need of professional cleaning services and ‘just OK’ isn’t good enough, then you should contact TaLimpio! Feel free to reach out to us via phone call, text message, or online.

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Our Service Area

TaLimpio proudly serves the Greater Columbia area including:

  • Blythewood
  • Chapin
  • Columbia
  • West Columbia
  • Irmo
  • Lexington

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